Synology Rack Station 4 Bay RS815+

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  • ModeL: RS815+
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    Synology Rack Station 4 Bay RS815+

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    Description for Synology Rack Station 4-Bay Network Attached Storage with iSCSI | RS815+

    Quad-core CPU brings high performance

    Powered by a quad-core CPU running at 2.4 GHz, RS815+/RS815RP+ delivers average 389.03 MB/s reading and 361.33 MB/s writing.1 With this superior performance and a RAM module expandable to 6GB (2GB by default), RS815+/RS815RP+ is a powerful 1U NAS server for mission-critical tasks of SMBs.

    Ideal encrypted data transmission with AES-NI

    RS815+/RS815RP+ features a hardware encryption engine, which offloads encryption calculation tasks away from the main CPU. That means files and folders are encrypted on the fly without compromising the performance ─delivering encrypted data transmission speeds over 388.66 MB/s reading and 158.9 MB/s writing.

    Robust scalability up to 8 drives

    When your data storage is nearing its limits, RS815+/RS815RP+ can be connected to a dedicated RX415 expansion unit2, letting you easily scale up to 8 drives for additional storage on the fly. With a RX415 connected through an eSATA cable with specially-designed locking connectors, raw capacity can be as high as 64TB.3

    Quad LAN ports for failover and Link Aggregation support

    To ensure your business continuity, RS815+/RS815RP+ features four built-in Gigabit LAN ports supporting failover, which is engineered to provide reliable redundancy even if LAN connection malfunction occurs on one port, reducing the chance of service disruption and costly downtime. In addition, Link Aggregation powered by four LAN ports increases connection speeds beyond the limits of a single network cable or port.

    SSD cache technology

    RS815+/RS815RP+ enables the combination of hard drives and SSD cache, boosting throughput efficiently while minimizing cost per gigabyte. With full SSD cache support, RS815+/RS815RP+ offers a significant reduction in I/O latency without crippling your budget. With only a small upfront investment, businesses can benefit from significant server performance enhancement.

    Specifications for Synology Rack Station 4-Bay Network Attached Storage with iSCSI | RS815+

    • RS815+
    Date first available
    • 28 May, 2016
    Shipping Weight
    • 9.36 Kg
    Shipping Dimensions
    • 4.40 cm x 59.18 cm x 43.05 cm



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