Raptor XR Designed for DJI Phantom 4 & 4 Adv

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Last updated: 08/06/2023

  • Maximize performance
  • QuickAttach mounting system
  • Adjustable tilt of the range extender
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    Raptor XR Designed for DJI Phantom 4 & 4 Adv

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    Last DJI Phantom series, Dji Phantom 4 & 4 Advanced are models that allow long continuous enjoyment. It is perfectly capable of flying long distances, however its maximum range may vary depending on the area, especially noisy ones. With its fast maximum speed of 65 km/h and flight time of 30 minutes, Phantom 4 is an incredible drone in terms of its capabilities. With ability to record 4k videos, it is a great choice for perfectionists seeking good recordings.
    4Hawks antenna for Dji Phantom 4 Advanced model is operating in 2.4GHz with 14 dBi gain. The antenna is not bothering the user since it’s supposed to look like it was a part of a remote controller from the start. Entire construction is 100% UV protected ABS to assure longevity of the equipment. Additionally, parts of the construction are made from, aluminum to make the construction lightweight. Mounting is made of stainless steel for rock solid stability. Mounting the range extender is very easy and doesn’t require professional assistance. The entire set is lightweight and uniform (without any loose equipment pieces). Changing the direction of the antenna shouldn’t cause any difficulties, as the system was designed in a way that allows quick position change with just a single “click” to 5 different positions. This way you can be sure that you do not lose the connection with your drone.


    electrical & mechanical parameters of Raptor renge extender.

    Electrical parameters

    Port 1:   2.40 – 2.50 GHz
    Port 2:   2.40 – 2.50 GHz
    Port 1:   14 dBi  (+/- 1 dBi)
    Port 2:   14 dBi  (+/- 1 dBi)
    Port 1:   < 1.20  (max. < 1.40)
    Port 2:   < 1.20  (max. < 1.40)
    Port 1:   35°/45°
    Port 2:   35°/45°
    Port 1:   Vertical
    Port 2:   Vertical
    Port 1:   50 Ω
    Port 2:   50 Ω

    Mechanical parameters

    Antenna:   Samsung ABS, polyurethane, aluminum, Stainless steel, Nylon, PTFE PCB
    Mounting:   Stainless steel + paint
    ~ 540g (450g Antenna + 90g Mounting)
    29.2 x 18.2 x 2.1 cm
    11.50 x 7.16 x 0.83 inch
    Port 1:   RP-SMA female
    Port 2:   RP-SMA female
    Tilt adjustment
    5 tilt positions, OnClick system
    Mounting type
    On SMA connectors (Permanent)



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