Norton Security Deluxe 1 +1

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  • Professional and award-winning antivirus software
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    Norton Security Deluxe 1 +1

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    Professional and award-winning antivirus software application

    Norton Security Deluxe is an advanced antivirus program that provides real-time protection from current malware as well as emerging threats that may otherwise cripple an operating system. Developed by Symantec, this application boasts a host of protection services that would not be available with other generic packages.

    Providing an intuitive and self-sufficient edge

    One of the issues encountered with generic antivirus suites is that they will often require input from the end-user in order to function properly. This can cause issues in regards to real-time operations. Norton Security Deluxe has been designed in such a fashion as to provide automated protection without any actions from the owner. However, much more is in store. The antivirus functions offered are not only easy to implement, but even novices can understand the results of a scan. This is largely due to the presence of a host of detailed infographics which display common concerns. These include performance, online safety, and security. Many features can be customized in order to provide targeted results and up to one separate device are able to be supported with a single subscription. Individual users can therefore deploy the very same level of protection across multiple operating systems. It should also be mentioned that an intuitive wizard will guide users through the installation process and that modules can be activated as is deemed necessary; an excellent feature in regards to scalability.

    When privacy, security, and efficiency matter

    In terms of independent ratings, Norton Security Deluxe has scored at or near the top of the list. Notwithstanding its flexibility with devices and operating systems, its associated protective utilities are second to none in terms of responsiveness. Finally, this program is said to offer top-notch protection for smartphones. These are some of the reasons why Norton Security Deluxe is thought to be one of the most impressive solutions on the market



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