Motivational Pen (NST-YRK1) Shukudai

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  • Motivational Pen (NST-YRK1)


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    Motivational Pen (NST-YRK1) Shukudai

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    Product Features:

    Shukudai Motivational Pen” is a product developed to enhance the desire to study by creating children’s daily efforts in conjunction with the smartphone app.
    Attach the sensor attachment to the pencil, and use the “motivational power” accumulated according to the time you move the pen, and then add it to the smartphone app.
    Supports home learning habits by creating fun parent-child communication

    Pencils are not included.

    Kids will want to scrape more Lots of fun tricks.

    For Children:
    ① The color changes the more the motivational pen goes towards the desk. The colors of the LED will change depending on your motivation.
    2. Pour the motivational power of studying into the app, and the “Motivational Tree” grows.
    3. Get the item to complete your Motivational Garden.

    For parents:
    Get more compliments. Parental Support Function
    1. The calendar of the dedicated app can be used to record your child’s hard work.
    2. Determine if you are heading to the desk, and know the time of learning and how much you concentrate.
    The “focus” refers to holding a pen in your hand and you’re heading to study.

    The pencils used are hexagonal pencils that are sold in Japan and should be selected as a guide with a thickness of 0.3 – 0.3 inches (7 – 8 mm).

    This is the package of ‘Shukudai Motivation Pen’.

    When you open the box …

    It contained the main unit, Micro-USB cable for charging, instruction manual, startup guide, and stickers.

    The size of the main body is 15 x 23 x 107 mm, and it fits comfortably on the palm of your hand.

    There is a word ‘KOKUYO’ on the surface …

    Charging terminal on the back.

    There is a power switch on the side.

    The motivation pen is used by inserting a pencil, but the butt side of the pencil has a motivation lamp that changes the light to 10 colors.

    On the other side, the tip of the pen tip is like this.

    First, remove the cover of the charging terminal.

    You need to press the ‘first switch’ first, so press the switch with an elongated object.

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