D Link (DGS-F3004P-2S) Industrial Switch

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  • Part No: DGS-F3004P-2S
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    D Link (DGS-F3004P-2S) Industrial Switch

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    DGS -F3000 Series Layer 2 Gigabit Outdoor Managed Switch  DGS-F3004P-2S

    The DGS-F3000 Series Layer 2 Gigabit Outdoor Smart Managed Switches are  equipped  with  4 or 8 100/1000BASE-T PoE  ports & 2 or  4 SFP ports respectively.  These switches  feature a robust  design making  them ideal for deployment in Outdoor surveillance , capable of withstanding  the harshest  environment.  The  DGS-F3000  Series furthermore integrates advanced management and security functions to provide a complete solution.

    Durable Design

    The DGS-F3000 Series switches are housed in a highly resistant IP30-rated metal casing to protect the switches from harsh environmental conditions. The high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) protects the DGS-F3000 Series from unwanted eects when operating in environments with strong electromagnetic interference. Meanwhile, the fanless design extends the life of DGS-F3000 Series while also being able to operate in a wider temperature range of up to 70 °C For increased exibility, the DGS-F3000 Series can also be mounted on a DIN rail or wall mounted.

    High Redundancy and Reliablity

    The DGS-F3000 Series support ERPS <50 ms quick failover recovery for ring topologies that ensures minimal downtime and avoids any loss of data in mission-critical deployment environments. Meanwhile, the dual power input allows for a redundant power supply to make sure the network continues to operate in the event of a primary power supply failure.

    Advanced Features

    The DGS-F3000 Series is equipped with advanced security features such as Static MAC, Storm Control, and IGMP Snooping. Static MAC allows users to create a MAC whitelist for specific ports, helping administrators limit network access to authorized devices only. Storm Control monitors broadcast, multicast, or unknown unicast traffic and will start blocking or discarding packets which could flood the network when the defined threshold is exceeded. IGMP Snooping can reduce the load of L3 multicast routers and save bandwidth in network throughput.

    Easy Troubleshooting

    The DGS-F3000 Series features loopback detection and cable diagnostics to help network administrators and and solve network problems quickly and easily. Loopback detection is used to detect loops created by a specific port and automatically shuts down the affected port. Cable diagnostics helps network administrators quickly examine the quality of the copper cables, recognize the cable type, and detect cable errors.

    Power over Ethernet Support

    DGS-F3000  series  switches  are  PoE-ready  switches (PoE  models  only)  &  can  provide  total  PoE  budget  up  to 60W  on  DGS-F3004P-2S  Comes with power supply (EDR-120-48) &  120W  on  DGS-F3008P-2S  Comes with power supply (EDR-120-48) , capable  of  supplying  up  to  30  W  of  power  per  port  to connected  PoE-enabled  devices.  This  effectively  reduces deployment  times,  reduces  cable  clutter,  and  eliminates the  need  for  dedicated  power  supplies  to  allow  PoE- devices to be installed in remote locations.



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