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  • 12 x 3.5″/2.5″ SAS Drive Bays
  • 2 x 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon D-1521 Quad-Core
  • 16GB of DDR4 ECC Registered RAM
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    Synology SA3200D 12-BAY NAS ENCLOSURE

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    Key Features:

    • 12 x 3.5″/2.5″ SAS Drive Bays
    • 2 x 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon D-1521 Quad-Core
    • 16GB of DDR4 ECC Registered RAM
    • 2 x 10Gb Ethernet | 4 x Gigabit Ethernet
    • 2 x Mini-SAS Expansion Ports
    • 2 x PCIe 3.0 x8 Slots
    • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, Basic, F1, and JBOD
    • Dual Redundant 500W Power Supplies
    • AES-NI Hardware Encryption Engine
    • Synology DiskStation Manager OS

    General Features

    Scales Up with You

    The SA3200D supports two RXD1219sas expansion units for up to 36 SAS 3.5″/2.5″ drive bays.
    Redundant Power Supply
    Modularized and swappable 500W power supplies help prevent service downtime in the event of a power supply failure.

    Active-Passive Controller Modules

    Automatic system failover to the secondary controller, maximizing service uptime.
    PCIe 3.0 Slots
    Supports 10GbE/25GbE network interface cards for higher throughput.
    10GbE and 1GbE Ports
    Cost-effective RJ45 networking interface options built in.
    Mini-SAS HD Ports
    Connect up to two RXD1219sas expansion units for flexible plug-and-play volume expansion.


    One Intel Xeon D-1521 processor on each controller provides enterprise-class reliability, availability, and serviceability.
    Four DDR4 Memory Slots
    8GB of ECC UDIMM DDR4 memory per controller may be expanded to 64GB per controller for more demanding workloads.
    Modularized Cooling
    Dual fan modules per controller allow for easy maintenance and replacement.


    Operating system files are isolated from the stored data, providing higher throughput and stability.
    Non-Transparent Bridge (NTB)
    Faster and lower-latency connectivity between controllers.
    Ultimate Backup Solution
    The SA3200D integrates various backup applications into an intuitive user interface, offering durable storage technologies to safeguard your valuable data on any device.
    Active Backup for Business
    Centralize backup tasks for VMware, Windows, and file servers. Restore whatever you want fast and reliably when needed.

    Hyper Backup

    Comprehensively back up your data to a local shared folder, an external device, another Synology NAS, an rsync server, or a public cloud to ensure data safety.
    Synology Drive
    Safeguard your computer with Synology Drive Client. You’ll be able to perform real-time data backups and point-in-time file recovery.
    Active Backup for Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace
    On-premises backup solution with a centralized dashboard. Optimize storage efficiency with single instancing and block-level deduplication technology.
    Fully Certified Storage Virtualization Solutions
    Synology iSCSI storage fully supports most virtualization solutions to enhance work efficiency with easy management interface. VMware vSphere 6 and VAAI integration help offload storage operations and optimize computation efficiency. Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) speeds up data transfer and migration rate. OpenStack Cinder support turns your Synology NAS into a block-based storage component.
    Virtual Machine Manager
    Virtual Machine Manager enables you to test new software in sandboxes, isolate your customers’ machines, and increase the flexibility of your server. You can easily run Windows, Linux, and Virtual DSM on your Synology NAS by just a few steps.
    Snapshots for Virtual Machines
    Perfectly clone and restore a virtual machine within seconds.
    Multi-Tenant Environment
    Create multiple isolated virtual machines for subsidiary business units or departments.
    Limited 5-Year Warranty
    Synology is committed to product innovation and quality. Synology guarantees a robust and reliable data management experience with a limited 5-year warranty, providing responsive technical support and hardware replacement services to maximize your return on investment.
    Synology Replacement Service (SRS)
    SRS provides free advance replacement units as early as the next business day in selected regions, maximizing the service uptime for your mission-critical storage and ensuring your business continuity.
    Powered by Synology DiskStation Manager
    Synology High Availability
    Real-time system-level protection with automatic failover mechanism to maximize service availability.
    Snapshot Replication
    Schedulable and instantaneous data protection for shared folders and iSCSI LUNs for disaster prevention.
    Central Management System
    Conveniently manage your fleet of Synology NAS from a centralized console.
    Hyper Backup
    Store multiple backup versions with block-level incremental data backup and cross-version deduplication.
    Active Backup Suite
    Integrated, modern, and license-free backup & instant recovery solution for VMware, Windows, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace.
    Virtual Machine Manager
    Run various operating systems in isolated sandboxes. Seamlessly clone and restore virtual machines.



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